How to Keep Your Business Cybersecurity Secure During the Holidays

December 19, 2022

Your business cybersecurity is vital to your company’s livelihood, and you want to ensure you have a plan. There is an increased demand for goods and services across all industries, and your employees may run ragged trying to keep up.

Methods to Increase Business Cybersecurity

Cyber threats increase over the holidays as internet traffic and usage increase.

Cybersecurity Issues During the Holidays

There are always concerns about hackers or viruses regarding business operations relying on internet connectivity. Still, several holiday cyber threats could present a problem during the last few months of the year. Ransomware is a severe concern when someone has hacked a user’s sensitive information and denied entry to a network or system until the entity paid ransom money to a hacker. Attacks on digital, smart, or mechanical devices are also susceptible to attack, as businesses may rely on handheld inventory scanners, employees on smartwatches, or organizations on Bluetooth-connected security devices for operations.

Hacking IoT devices and networks are just a few of the holiday cyber concerns. Phishing attacks are hard to spot, especially when employees open emails for holiday sale flyers or special discount coupons. Financial transactions are also under fire, particularly with digital wallets or currency.

Tips for Avoiding Cyber Threats During the Holidays

To enjoy what the holiday season offers, ensure your business is prepared to address potential threats or attacks on your company. These are great tips for minimizing your risk of a successful cyber attack.

Keep Software Current

Although it may seem annoying to go through software updates continually, these are crucial steps in preventing hackers from getting into your system. Updates typically contain special patches where the software is vulnerable to attack. Do not miss a critical security patch installation or update by enabling your systems to update automatically.

Improve Encryption and Password Protection

Many people think a password to their physical devices is enough to prevent information theft, but it isn’t. Hackers can sneak in through the network and steal data without you knowing. Encryption is a way to convert your data into a message of random characters, and those who access the information need to have a digital keep to do so. Two-factor authentication is another way to improve your password security.

Create an Off-Site Data Backup

Since many attacks try to hold your data hostage, investing in a data backup system that secures information security is essential. It also helps if someone steals your devices. Keep the backups on external memory or the cloud so you will always have them.

Unfortunately, the influx of tasks and the frantic pace of your employees aren’t the only things you must worry about regarding the efficiency of your business. These tips can help you get ahead of the cyber threats you face.

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