Figuring Out When You Need a Medigap Plan

December 12, 2022

Annual Medicare enrollment comes with many decisions, and you might consider a Medigap plan as one of your options. When you sign up for coverage, you may wonder which policy option is right for you and how to ensure that you have enough coverage for your needs. The good news is that there are additional supplements available when necessary.

Medicare and Medigap: Your Options

Understanding gap coverage can make a difference in your choices.

What Does Medicare Cover?

Before determining if you need supplemental coverage, you must understand what your core policy offers. Most policies provide both Part A and Part B access. Additionally, Part A covers hospitalization costs and skilled nursing services when necessary. This coverage is free. Likewise, Part B is coverage for doctor visits and medical testing services. There is an annual cost associated with Part B coverage. Finally, Part D is an optional plan for prescriptions. It has an additional fee as well.

How Do You Choose a Medicare Plan?

You may feel overwhelmed by the choices available to you. Take time to think about the medical issues you struggle with now and anything you may anticipate later in life. Thinking forward lets you choose a coverage option that will adapt as your needs change in the next several years. Look for plans that allow you to see your preferred doctors and minimize costs.

What If You Need More Medicare Plan Options?

When you struggle with the options available because you need more coverage than you can find, it may be time to consider supplemental coverage. Supplemental coverage can give you greater access to care at more affordable levels. You can choose from both Advantage plans as well as Medigap coverage.

When Is Medigap Necessary?

If you are not confident that the coverage available under your choices will be enough for your medical care needs, you may want to explore some Medigap options. When your income is limited, the percentage responsibility you carry with traditional coverage can be more than you can afford. Medigap coverage will often cover most, if not all, of that additional cost. It follows your basic coverage, so if your coverage applies to the visit, your Medigap coverage will also apply.

Is Medigap Part of Medicare?

Medigap coverage is a supplement to the standard coverage, not part of it. Third parties usually provide it, and your agent will help you understand the policy options before you enroll. That way, you are clear about the coverage you receive.

Before you choose the right policy for your healthcare needs, consider not only the core Medicare coverage but also the Medigap options available. The more coverage you have now, the more affordable your medical care will be.

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