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Personal Health & Life Insurance

Insurance is all about protecting yourself and your family from the risks you face every day. At Brooks, Todd & McNeil, we take your health, safety and well-being as seriously as you do. That is why we encourage you to look to our trusted, experienced, independent agents for plans that meet your individual and family needs. We can help you choose from the following plan options:

Life Insurance

Life insurance guarantees a specific sum of money to a designated beneficiary upon the death of the insured. It can be used in family, business, and legacy situations. For instance, it is common for the wage earners of a family to be covered with Life insurance for the loss of income to the family if they were to die. In business, it can be used in succession planning such as a buy-sell agreement that would pay a deceased partner’s family for their share of the business or to help the business survive the loss of a key employee. It is also often used to cover loans to the business for creditors. Many people want to leave a legacy of money to a charity or grown children and grandchildren. Life insurance is an excellent vehicle to accomplish this task.

Disability Income Replacement Insurance

As it sounds, this type of insurance provides income to the insured and family if they are disabled due to accident or illness and unable to work. It can be used in family and business circumstances. One in seven adults faces the possibility of a serious disability prior to age 65.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance provides coverage for circumstances in which you can’t take care of yourself. This typically occurs with older people who need some form of custodial care but can also be used in situations where, because of illness or accident, a younger person can’t take care of themselves. Long Term Care policies today provide coverage in the home as well as in a professional care facility.

Medical Insurance

Individual medical insurance is available for people who don’t have access to group plans where they work or are sole proprietors with no other employees. There are options on the market for this but medical plan alternatives generally fall into two basic categories; traditional, provider network based plans or high deductible health savings account compatible plans. Generally, such individual/family plans are available only during an annual open enrollment for January 1 effective date; unless there is an allowable “life” event such as the loss of an employer sponsored plan, marriage, or birth of a child.

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