The Five Types of Cybersecurity for Your Company

October 17, 2022

It is essential to know the five types of cybersecurity for your company to ensure that you have the best protection for your network. Cybersecurity insurance is an important safety net in a data breach. That doesn’t mean your company shouldn’t enforce cybersecurity throughout the company. There are five key elements to consider as you implement your company’s cybersecurity plans. Understand each one to ensure that your business has the perfect protection plan. 

The Five Types of Cybersecurity: Protect Yourself

These five components are the most important when establishing cybersecurity measures.

Critical Infrastructure

Your company’s critical infrastructure is what you have to have for operation. Likewise, it includes the security of your power grid and your hardware infrastructure. Servers and data storage equipment are key hardware infrastructure elements.


Application security is focused security for your applications to ensure data integrity. Your cyber and privacy insurance include application security, but you also need security measures. Application security prevents misuse of your company’s application data. Further, application security ensures code integrity to protect company applications from hacks and breaches.


Network security means network access control. Monitor user accounts, restrict access to resources based on user roles, and require multi-factor authentication for anyone signing into the network. Secure your VPN access, monitor network ports, and keep your user account profiles up to date.


Cloud systems are also vulnerable to data theft and intrusion. Thus, cloud security focuses on data protection, access control, and backup system implementation. Ensure that any cloud data storage implements security measures for protection.

Internet of Things

A cyber risk insurance policy evaluates your security systems and innovative technology as part of the policy’s risk assessment. Vulnerabilities in these IoT systems can devastate your company, especially when dealing with security monitoring systems and any smart technology that governs your business operations.

Vulnerabilities to Consider

Cybersecurity is only effective when it’s targeted appropriately to the threats at hand. Your company’s cybersecurity should focus on vulnerabilities.


End users are one of the most significant vulnerabilities for businesses. Your employees are a weak link if they do not receive adequate trailing about proper security measures. Institute security training to showcase phishing content, reinforce password security, and establish access control measures. It may reduce your cybersecurity insurance premiums.


The right procedures reduce the risk of cybersecurity because they empower your information technology staff to spot threats before they become dangerous. You should institute proper cybersecurity procedures and network infrastructure monitoring to reduce the risks to your data.


You need adequate technology to protect your infrastructure. Firewall technology, malware prevention, and email security are essential investments.

Your company can implement measures to reduce cybersecurity risks. Those measures offer protection but are not enough alone. Invest in cybersecurity insurance to ensure adequate protection in case of a breach.

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