Tips for RV Camping Trips in Autumn

September 13, 2021

Just because the long, hot days of summer are coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that you need to bid your RV goodbye until next year. In fact, the cooler autumn weather often leads to less crowded locations, fewer bothersome insects, and even discounted rates for the off-season.

You can easily plan a memorable and enjoyable trip for your family and friends during the fall months. It just takes a slightly different approach. So start brainstorming ideas and make sure your RV insurance coverage is active so you can set out on the road once again!

Choose Your Destination

One of the best fall RV camping tips is to carefully consider your destination. Since the weather going to be colder, you need to research the climate of the area you wish to visit so you know what you will need to pack to keep warm and which activities are appropriate.

You also need to call and check with the campgrounds you will be staying at to verify that they remain open. Rates and availability may fluctuate throughout the seasons.

Plan Fall Activities

An RV vacation during autumn can be the perfect opportunity to witness the gorgeous splash of color from the changing leaves. It’s also a good time to plan a long hike or other strenuous activity since the cooler temperature will make it more comfortable.

Inspect Your RV for Safety

Before you leave, inspect your vehicle. Verify that your RV insurance policy is up-to-date and check all fluids, as well as the tire pressure and brakes. Watch for dips in temperature that could cause icy patches on the road or sudden snow that makes driving more difficult.

Know how to operate the heating and water systems of your RV. You will need to stay warm, and freezing temperatures may require you to disconnect and drain the water lines to prevent damage.

Pack for Cooler Weather

To achieve foolproof fall camping in an RV, change up your packing style. Layers are great, so pack some long-sleeved shirts and a jacket or two. Warm socks and extra blankets are also a must. Bring a hands-free light for the days of shorter daylight hours, and watertight containers to keep your clothes and bedding free of dampness from rain or snow.

Indulge in Comfort Food

Cooler temperatures call for cozy fires and warming, rich comfort foods. Opt for heartier recipes like savory stews to keep everyone satisfied.

Bring Indoor Entertainment

It’s common to experience inclement weather in the form of rain or even snow that can derail your outdoor plans. Pack a few books, cards, and games to keep the family busy if you’re stuck inside.

An RV excursion during the autumn months will give you a new perspective on RV camping. You’ll see the sights in a whole new way and may even find that you prefer exploring during the brisker temperatures, instead of the stifling heat of summer.

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