Sending Kids Back to School? Stay Safe with These Tips

August 21, 2014

As school districts everywhere are preparing to open their doors to yet another academic year, parents are readying themselves and their children as well. Back to school time is the perfect moment to remind our kids to stay safe and to reiterate ground rules.

If your children walk to school, you should walk with them if possible. It is a great way to include exercise in everyone’s daily routine while reinforcing proper pedestrian behavior. If the child is old enough to walk without you, ask them to travel with a friend. If you plan on driving your children to school, keep distractions to a minimum. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be turned off or ignored while you’re behind the wheel. This not only helps you be a better driver, but emulates safe behavior for when the time comes that they are ready for a driver’s license.

If that time has come already and your son or daughter will be driving to school themselves for the first time, be sure to layout the rules of the road before handing over those keys. Teens should not be driving with friends in the car. In fact, many states have laws against passengers for inexperienced, teen drivers. Some parents put stipulations on driving depending on how well their child is doing in school. This not only encourages them to stay safe behind the wheel, but if your child earns great grades, you can also save considerably on those insurance premiums. Other discounts can also be available if your teen completes a driving safety course.

The beginning of the school year is also a good time to revisit the family fire escape plan. Don’t just tell your kids how to respond to a fire in your home, but have them walk through the process and meet you at the designated safety spot. You can make it fun and informative at the same time. Schools usually conduct their fire and other safety drills at the beginning of the year as well, which will reinforce your family’s emergency planning.

As you review and reinforce safety plans with your children. Our agents can help you in this review process by identifying any gaps you may have in your policies, suggesting coverage options, and assisting you in comparing your policies with a number of others available. Contact us to help your household prepare for whatever the new school year may bring.