10 Steps to Get Your Home Ready for a Hot Summer

May 23, 2022

It is almost summer and you have to figure out a way to get your home ready for the heat and everything that comes with it. During the summer months, temperatures skyrocket, and those intensely hot days can wreak havoc on your house and comfort. You may want to cozy up inside, cherishing the air conditioner’s chill; however, a break from the sweltering outdoors requires proper upkeep and preparation. These steps, like home insurance, are essential to fortify and strengthen your place against the impending heat.

Get Your Home Ready

Summer brings about heat and uncomfortable weather. Often, it signals a time when people have difficulty dealing with the climate. There are ways to get your home ready for the summer heat.

How To Prep Your Home for Summer Heat and Humidity

Summer proves problematic for several reasons. For those in North America, the months of June through August can become excruciatingly hard to handle. The days have more direct sunlight and last longer, which causes additional heat and humidity. These conditions impact the comfort level of the home.

When temperatures rise, the air can hold more water moisture; thus, humidity increases, and you experience steamy summer afternoons. Add a dehumidifier to the home in rooms that feel sticky or damp. 

Run your air conditioner to maintain comfort levels and help obtain dryer air. The unit extracts wetness from the inside air and supplies cooler temps. Please change your filters once a month, and have your team inspected twice a year to help it work properly.

Use a digital thermostat to program the device to remain cooler when you’re at home and run less during the evening.

Plant landscaping around the windows to minimize heat exposure. Direct sunlight through glass encourages warmth inside. The foliage battles that buildup by providing shade.

Use your ceiling fans to move warm air up and bring the cool air back down. 

Improve your home’s barrier. Air leaks through cracks in caulk. Check window and door seals, and repair any areas of concern. 

How Can You Prep Your Home for Summer Heat and Storm Damage

Another summer complication is the damage heat causes outside. Warmer temperatures cause materials to expand. When the roof’s shingles get bigger, they can crack or break, creating openings that allow rainwater to enter. This state is particularly troubling during summer when the afternoon storms increase. Defend yourself from mold, rot, and leaks by taking the following measures.

Look over the roof during the spring, noting any current concerns. Tend to any current shingle issues such as buckling, curling, or lines.

Hire professionals to thoroughly inspect the rooftop and home, determining if your residence has vulnerabilities.

Clear your gutters to improve water flow. Leaves and debris build-up throughout the cooler months. Move it out so the rain doesn’t linger on the roof.

Review your attic’s conditions. Make sure it has solid ventilation to keep the cool air inside and block out the rain and warm temperatures. Air from inside can escape, and water can seep inside.

This summer, ready your place to handle the hot weather. Find a home insurance plan that offers protection, and double-check your property for heat loss concerns. Make modifications now so you can head inside and cool off.

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