How Contractors Can Create a Safety Committee

January 23, 2023

Safety should always be the top concern on a job site, but sometimes contractors must adhere to the standards that the rest of the crew abides by. It can create dangerous working conditions and increase the likelihood of accidents. These are just a few reasons why contractors need a safety committee. Safer working practices can also keep your company’s business insurance and contractors insurance rates low.

Invest in Contractors Insurance

Contractors insurance offers an additional layer of protection to companies that work with other businesses on a contractual basis. This arrangement can be beneficial, but it can also leave you vulnerable to liabilities — especially regarding safety. For example, if your company is responsible for a safety violation, you could face the consequences from the business that contracted you. In some cases, this may even include legal action. You need contractors insurance to shield yourself from this possibility, and you need a safety committee to minimize the chances of safety infractions.

Identify Safety Stakeholders

When establishing your plan for a safety committee, you should start by identifying the safety stakeholders in your company. It may include supervisors, account managers, and leaders within your workforce. Create a list of these people and identify each person’s responsibilities on the committee. Delegating clear responsibilities will ensure that your team stays focused and productive. You should also set a schedule for meetings to ensure that you have the chance to convene regularly and discuss important issues.

Develop a List of Safety Objectives

Safety objectives are essential issues you’ll discuss at your safety committee meetings. Safety committees for contractors should identify the most pressing issues affecting the workplace. According to statistics, for example, the most common workplace injuries are slips or trips that cause falls. A safety committee can benefit from identifying this threat in the workplace and advocating for safety standards that minimize the risk. Similarly, a safety committee should regularly audit the job site to ensure that other common safety risks aren’t an issue. Addressing safety issues proactively is the best way to mitigate liability.

Find the Right Contractors Insurance

Forming a safety committee will give your company the tools to create a safer working environment, but many risks may still emerge despite your best efforts. That’s why you need a comprehensive contractor insurance policy to cover all the liabilities in your line of work. It is especially true in industries such as construction, which can be particularly prone to risk. In addition to the right insurance policy, investing in personal protective equipment (PPE), routine maintenance of machines, and practical safety training can keep your contractors safe.

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