October 24, 2018

Employee Feature: Tim Moran
& The Importance of Having a Claim’s Specialist

Tim joined Brooks, Todd & McNeil in 2002 and is the Manager of our Claim Department. He was previously employed for 5 years with Berkley Administrators and spent 20 years with The Hartford Insurance Company. His experience in the Property Casualty Claim field starting as a Claim Representative Trainee in Phoenix, AZ. He was able to move up the adjuster ranks eventually managing claim offices in Reno, NV and San Francisco, CA before transferring to Hartford, CT.

Tim has over 40 years of experience, a degree is in Business Administration and is a Senior Law Claim associate (SCLA). At Brooks, Todd & McNeil, Tim serves as a facilitator between clients and their carrier bringing honest and straightforward evaluations and thoughts regarding coverage situations, and settlement offers.

Tim is a 28-year volunteer fire fighter and has been a fire instructor. He was elected his town Board of Selectmen on two occasions and is an active member of the Winsted Water and Sewer Commission.

Read Tim’s interview below:

Tell us a little about your role and what you do at Brooks, Todd & McNeil.

The Claim Facilitator role is much more than simply turning a claim into the carrier for our clients. Our department reviews the potential issues with our client prior to reporting a possible claim. We offer more value than simply calling a 1-800 number. We also explain the upcoming claim process and different things for our client to be aware of as the claim progresses from submission to a conclusion and are there to answer questions, advocate for our clients, and be a sounding board for the fairness of a settlement offer, all at no extra charge, without having to hire an expensive attorney.

What is the value of working with an agency, like Brooks, Todd & McNeil, that has a dedicated Claims Department? 

Our claim department acts much like a consultant. Most people do not incur multiple claims in their lifetime so the first auto accident, house fire, dog bite or slip and fall on their property is traumatic. There are many questions before, during, and after submission of a claim to their insurance company. While Brooks, Todd & McNeil is not a call center we have true local customer service representatives and claim professionals on staff who can quickly answer questions and assist the process as needed. Do national carriers know local contractors or repair shops who can help in a pinch? Usually no. Will an 800 call center operator be able to tell you where and how to research state statute with regard to evaluating a total loss vehicle or how to get that particular vehicle back on the road. No, they can’t. These are capabilities unique to an independent, client-focused agency like Brooks, Todd & McNeil.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

As I work in a local agency near where I live, I often run into people I have helped over the years. Developing friendships and being able to follow up with how they’re doing post claim is unique and rewarding. Having been in this business for so long, I have experience with carriers and many contacts in most claims departments, enabling me to get timely responses to questions and a more favorable experience for my clients. Further, as Brooks, Todd & McNeil is a top agency with most of our carriers, winning a variety of President’s Awards, our reputation and volume/importance to our carrier partners gives me the leverage I need to advocate effectively on behalf of our clients. There are two of us in the Brooks, Todd and McNeil claim department. Between us we have over 70 years of hand on claim experience.

What is the most useful piece of information (or your best insurance tip) you have learned since working in insurance?

Claims happen – that is a given. Most people want to tell their stories, but when dealing with a claim adjuster, private investigator or attorney it is important to only answer the question that was asked. Extrapolation, detailed explanations and guesses will not help your process. Always stick to the facts and then stop talking.