Brooks, Todd & McNeil Doing Our Part for the Environment

February 18, 2021

As a community based independent insurance agency, we take pride in investing in our communities. An important aspect of that investment is our environmental impact and we take seriously our role in preserving our planet.

Brooks, Todd & McNeil has taken several steps to reduce waste, paper usage and encourage recycling in our office locations. Here is a list of some of the initiatives we have taken to “go green”:

  • We utilize DocuSign in lieu of paper applications. This helps significantly reduce the amount of paper as it replaces a hard copy signature with an electronic signature. DocuSign estimates that in one month’s time Brooks, Todd & McNeil’s environmental savings from this initiative alone included 6,396 pounds of wood, 18,832 gallons of water and 1,039 pounds of waste. Not only does this cut down on waste, it saves a great deal of time and makes the process of signing and submitting documents less cumbersome for our clients.
  • We limit our paper storage by keeping files electronically. To help significantly reduce our use of paper we use Adobe Acrobat and Nexsure – a fully digital agency management system – to keep as many files electronically available for staff as possible.
  • We stress the importance of in office recycling. Throughout our office we have bins to collect all paper waste, which is shredded and recycled. We also have recycling bins for personal waste, such as water bottles and soup cans. We encourage double sided printing whenever possible to cut down on the amount of paper utilized and we disseminate most internal and external handouts electronically.
  • We have invested in further technologies that reduce the need for travel when possible. Amid the pandemic, we invested in technologies that enabled employees to work from home and trained all employees to utilize video conferencing. Investing in this technology for longer-term use will enable our company to limit unnecessary car travel in the future.

Brooks, Todd & McNeil remains committed to finding additional ways we can reduce our waste and limit our environmental impact as a company.

Tell us what you like to see companies doing to make a difference and feel free to share suggestions you have to help us further our green initiatives.