Employee Feature: Chuck Cadario

October 03, 2019

Employee Feature: Chuck Cadario
& Helping Businesses Thrive and Survive

Chuck has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry with various insurance companies and independent agencies. He holds both the ARM (Associate in Risk Management) and CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) designations and is responsible for Commercial Lines new business development and client retention at Brooks, Todd & McNeil.

An experienced Commercial Lines Sales Producer, Chuck spends a lot of his time face to face with his clients and prospective clients helping them navigate the many challenges businesses face at all stages, from startups to business perpetuation.

Originally from the Boston area, Chuck is a big Boston sports fan and enjoys sharing that enthusiasm with his 3 children and 2 grandsons. Over the years Chuck has coached baseball, soccer and basketball.

To learn more about what advice Chuck has for business success read his interview below.
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What are the unique challenges facing the business community and how can the insurance industry help protect businesses or prepare them for success?

With the difficult business climate that we have in Connecticut, businesses need to be able to diversify, expand into other states, be willing to change and look at new ideas. Businesses rely on us to educate them about related exposures and provide them with risk management options. Two current and important examples are Employment Practices Liability and Cyber Liability.

What are the most pressing issues currently facing your clients?

There are several. Most, if not all, companies are struggling with their own survival and perpetuation. Many are finding it near impossible to find good, reliable employees that can help them grow and replace the large amount of retirees. The various costs of doing business in Connecticut is also a major issue right now.

What is the most valuable insurance tip you have for businesses based on your experience in the insurance industry?

Insurance premiums cycle based on many factors generally not in our or our client’s control. Yet, there are still several things that we advise our clients on doing that can help keep their premiums in line. Some examples are: developing a culture of safety and investing in safety and loss prevention initiatives, meeting with our claims department to have periodic reviews of open claims at the most important times, educating them and partnering with them to develop a managed care program for Workers Compensation, and offering them a host of many other free value added services and demonstrating how these services can help their bottom line such as written safety programs and Workers Comp Experience Modification issues. Frankly, its educating the client on what they can do that’s in their control that will facilitate annual premiums to stay in line or to decrease regardless of the pricing cycle.

What makes you stand out as an insurance agent and what do you offer your clients that sets you apart?

I try to develop a good solid, trusting, relationship. I go deeper into each company’s concerns, and values to get at root causes of problems that may be occurring such as claims activity, high employee turnover, safety issues etc. to better be able to offer reasonable solutions as a trusted advisor.

What insurance advise to you have for a new company who is just starting out?

I advise them to put procedures in place that will allow them to grow successfully and to be aware of what exposures they have that need to be either managed or insured. Talking to a reliable independent insurance agent who will put your needs first is a great initial step. The more you understand the complexities of your business and potential risks, the better prepared you will be for the long-term.