Advantages of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

June 13, 2013

Searching for an insurance policy can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. Whether it is car insurance, business insurance or homeowners insurance that you are looking for, figuring out which policy fits you the best can be very confusing and time consuming.
Independent insurance agencies such as ours are changing the way you search for insurance.

Say Good-Bye to Multiple Quote Forms and Sales Pressure

One of the benefits to working with an independent agent is the ability to compare rates for several policies – all without the need to complete multiple quote forms.

Our independent agents will walk you through the quote forms and help you to gather the necessary information to streamline the process for you. We will collect quotes from multiple providers, filter out the policies that do not fit your needs or budget, and present you with the remaining options.

Since we work with multiple providers, we are able to offer advice on more coverage options without pressuring you to choose one provider’s products over another. We can do all of the work for you and with one simple phone call to one of our independent agents you will be able to compare the many options that are available.

Put a Face on Your Coverage

When you buy an insurance policy over the internet, you may have to speak to multiple representatives from the provider. These representatives may be located across the country and with such a distance it can be difficult for them to adequately understand your concerns.

Our independent agents live and work in the same community as you do. As residents of the greater Hartford area, we understand the unique insurance requirements of this area. Our insight into the area allows us to offer more detailed coverage advice than an agent who has never set foot in the state.

As your neighbors, we strive to provide the quality service that you deserve. Throughout your search for coverage, you will only work directly with your agent. Even after your policy is active, your agent will always be available to offer advice on filing a claim or changing your coverage.
Speak to one of our agents today to learn more about the advantages of working with an independent insurance agency.