A Nonprofit’s Guide to Garnering Donations

December 27, 2021

Most business owners must carefully monitor their bottom lines to avoid going bankrupt. If you run a nonprofit, though, maintaining your cash flow is even harder because you rely on donations to keep your company operational. Rather than accepting a difficult financial situation, use this guide to help answer the question, “How do you solicit donations at a nonprofit?”

Pick Your Solicitation Method

Picking the right solicitation method is just as important for your nonprofit’s success as having nonprofit insurance. If you want to reach a large group of people regularly, consider sending mass emails. Include links to your donation page and reasons why your mailing list should donate. For example, you could share stories about your nonprofit’s beneficiaries or interviews with major donors.

When you’re using emails to solicit donations, make sure to monitor your mailing list carefully. Avoid accidentally sending your dedicated donors emails that ask them to donate for the first time. Also, if an email address seems to be broken, try to get it updated.

If you want to take your solicitation up a notch, try a t-shirt campaign. Offer your donors a t-shirt that features your logo if they contribute a certain amount. Your mailing list members are more likely to donate if they receive a reward, and you also expand your visibility when people wear your t-shirts.

For the most crucial gifts, ask your donors for contributions in person. Host a gala at your nonprofit’s headquarters or hold meetings where you explain your financial situation and ask for assistance. That way, you can answer questions that people have about your funds and explore your plans for the future in more detail. Make sure that you have plenty of information when you’re soliciting donations face-to-face, including details on your previous year’s spending and brochures or flyers about your programs.

Understanding Your Audience

A nonprofit’s guide to soliciting donations would be incomplete without thinking about your audience. Asking another business owner for donations is a great way to bump up your funds. Companies usually save a certain amount of money to donate every year, and assisting your nonprofit helps them engage more with their communities. Your nonprofit insurance provider may be able to recommend potential business donors.

People who donate independently many not have as much money as businesses, but they’re also crucial funding sources. When you’re soliciting from individuals, make it clear that any donation amount is helpful. Try to make a personal connection with your donors through phone calls or hand-written letters.

Finally, consider asking major foundations in your field for funding. Depending on the foundation’s size, you may have to apply for a grant or compete with other nonprofits for funding.

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