Prepare Your Home for Spring

March 06, 2023

Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for spring, and there are a few ways of accomplishing this. Staying ahead of the weather can protect your house from damage, optimize energy efficiency, and even spare you from claiming your home insurance policy.

Best Methods to Prepare Your Home for the Spring Season

Here are a few important ways to gear up for spring weather.

Inspect and Correct the Sloping Around Your Home to Prevent Water Damage and Home Insurance Claims

When you’re considering how to get your home ready for spring, it is essential to remember that you should expect an increase in precipitation beginning mid-spring and continuing through hurricane season. Before April showers head your way, make it a point to inspect the slope of the ground surrounding your home.

If the ground pitches towards your home, a heavy rainstorm could result in water damage to your foundation. Ideally, your yard grading should pitch opposite to divert water from your house.

Clean Your Gutters

Issues with gutters are another example of flooding risks around a home’s exterior. Clogged gutters may cause water to accumulate on your roof. Over time, the water can permeate a roofing system. Obstructions may also cause gutters to break, which could cause water to pour against the side of your home. Cleaning out leaves and debris can prevent this from happening.

Water damage from broken gutters might not fall under the scope of a standard homeowners insurance policy, so cleaning and installing gutter screens could help you avoid costly repairs.

Arrange for Preventative Pest Control

As temperatures warm up, the insect population that stays dormant during the winter will surge. Protect your home against pests preventatively. Staying ahead of insect issues with preventative treatments may save you from having to contend with a significant infestation.

Insulate Your Home

Insulation helps keep a house warm in cold weather, but it also keeps a house cool during the warmest months of the year. Before spring, consider adding insulation to your home to run your air conditioner more efficiently and save daily money on your electric bill. Concentrate on the top level of your home because that’s where your home will absorb the most heat from the sun during the long days in the spring and summer.

Replace Windows for Better Energy Efficiency and Potential Savings on Home Insurance

Swapping out old, failing windows for new, high-density windows is another great way to optimize your HVAC system’s performance and make your house more energy efficient. Replacing windows makes your home less susceptible to water intrusion during heavy rains.

Projects that reinforce your home’s protection against the elements reduce the risk of property damage from significant weather events and home insurance claims. Consequently, another advantage of this value-adding home improvement is that it could generate savings on homeowners insurance in Torrington.

Preparing your house for warmer weather should involve more than just light spring cleaning. Take care of home maintenance tasks early to spend more free time outdoors enjoying the springtime.

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