Keep These Items in Your Car in Case of Winter Hazards

January 11, 2022

Unpredictable winter weather can pose a significant hazard for drivers. Sudden storms, slippery roadways, and poor visibility increase your risk of an accident. Extreme temperatures and difficult terrain may also cause your car to act up and potentially leave you sitting.

Prepare yourself and your vehicle in advance so that if an emergency happens, you can act accordingly and stay safe. Keep your Auto Insurance policy updated, get your car serviced, and pack up a few essentials to keep in your vehicle.

Winter Specific Car Accessories

Falling snow and slick roads make driving more difficult. So, what are 3 items you should include in your winter car kit? The top choices are an ice scraper, shovel, and either sand, salt, or kitty litter.

An ice scraper is a necessity in winter to clear away ice and snow from your windshield and windows so you have full visibility. Staying aware of your surroundings is one of the best ways to avoid an accident.

If you happen to run off the road or need to unearth your vehicle after it has been sitting in a storm, a shovel is invaluable and can help you finish the job and get into your warm car in a fraction of the time. Finally, some kind of substance to create traction can work wonders in getting your car unstuck if you find yourself in a patch of ice. Just sprinkle it around your tires to be on your way.

Personal Items

There are some essential items in case of a winter emergency that you should have prepared for yourself. Staying warm if you become stuck is a priority, so pack up a warm blanket and some winter clothes. Include gloves, boots, a scarf, and a hat.

Tuck a spare cell phone charger into the console so you can charge up your phone and call for help if needed. Finally, a few bottles of water and non-perishable snacks will keep your hunger at bay while you wait for help to arrive and the roads to clear.

Standard Car Safety Kit

There are some items that you should keep handy no matter what the weather is like, but can be especially useful in the winter:

  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Flares
  • Jumper cables and tools
  • Tow chain

They can help you make your vehicle more visible to others if you have an accident, patch yourself up from minor injuries, and get your car moving again if you run into trouble. Find a simple box or crate and organize these items in the trunk of your car to have on hand. Along with good auto insurance, they can bring you peace of mind.

Take action now to prepare your vehicle for the harsher winter months. Once you have taken all possible precautions, you can relax in knowing that you are ready to handle any circumstance that may arise.

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