Manufacturers Insurance In Connecticut

No matter what side of manufacturing you are in, from forming, forging, casting, injecting, engraving, plastics, metals or even working with food and beverages, it can be risky.

We will help guard against unique risks you face in your business beyond the typical property losses (i.e. business interruption, product recall and more). As your business expands we can also help you with international insurance exposures and needs.

One key topic is product recall. Costs from a product recall or contamination can easily become many millions of dollars. In addition to the physical expense of falling sales due to poor consumer confidence, brand rehabilitation expenses may contribute to long-term losses. Despite recall frequency most companies don’t adequately protect product recall events.

What about job safety and health at your place of business? Experts say that workplace injuries and illnesses cost U.S. businesses well over $125 billion annually. Effective job safety and health programs not only help reduce worker injuries and illnesses, they save employers money in the long run. For employers who do not carefully follow OSHA regulations fines can be tens of thousands of dollars.

We have the experience and knowledge to keep your business safe along with your employees and customers.

Contact our experienced independent insurance agents for a manufacturers insurance quote. We are conveniently located in Torrington, South Windsor and Enfield.