Connecticut Motorcycle, Boat and RV Insurance

There is plenty of room for adventure in the great State of Connecticut. Whatever you enjoy doing, there’s a vehicle to make it happen.

  • Camper and RV
  • Motorcycle
  • 4-Wheeler
  • Snowmobile
  • Boat and Personal Watercraft (PWC)

Count on Brooks, Todd & McNeil to offer the insurance you need to abide by state laws and protect you and your passengers.


Whether you race along the Connecticut River on a jet ski or sail Long Island Sound, we have the right boat insurance policy for you. Some aspects of boat insurance are similar to car insurance. You will need liability protection, property coverage, medical payments and uninsured boater insurance. Other considerations that are unique to boats include wreck removal, fuel spill clean-up and storage insurance in the off-season. The type of boat insurance you need may vary based on what type of vessel it is, how it is financed and where you dock it. You may also want to speak with a yacht broker before you decide what insurance you need to ensure that you get the right policy. Your insurance policy can cover the boat and attached equipment, such as oars, anchors, trolling motors, canopies and safety equipment.


If you load up the recreational vehicle and leave town or the state for adventure and relaxation, make sure you are covered with RV insurance first. You will want to consider roadside assistance and towing coverage, protection for permanent attachments such as awnings and satellite dishes, temporary emergency expense coverage, and personal property replacement.


We represent almost two dozen insurance companies and can find you competitive rates on all your vehicles. Contact an agent for a free insurance quote and information on insurance discounts for which you may qualify.