Every contractor’s needs are unique. One consistent concern is safety. We know the workplace is full of potential hazards. It is important that you have the knowledge and procedures in place to address the risk. Do you have a Safety Committee, techniques for lifting and carrying? Poor lifting and unsafe handling are the cause of some of the most common injuries.

Our dedicated Commercial Team will help to ensure that you have the proper coverage in place. We will provide you with the proper policies along with programs and comprehensive safety materials to reduce your chance for operational loss, which may help to limit the overall cost of your insurance program. With a commitment to decreasing risk and supporting safety, we will help build a positive carrier relationship, which can help to decrease premium.

Do you know why your workers compensation premiums went up or down in the past few years? Do you know how much you could potentially be saving on your premiums by targeting your company’s cost drivers with loss control action? These are all the questions we can answer by performing an analysis of your experience rating factor. Let us perform an analysis to show you the difference it can make and how we can help your bottom-line.